Dogs with trainer

Who's to Blame?

Why is it that there are so many homeless dogs and cats? Breeders and the pet industry are major contributors to this crisis because they bring more puppies and kittens into a world that doesn’t have enough good homes for all the animals who already exist. When people discover that caring for an animal requires more effort, money, time and patience than they expected, they often turn their backs on their loyal companions. To prevent this from happening we can either stop getting them or stop breeders from breeding these animals so they wouldn't have to let them go off to be homeless.

Three Big Puppies


Most dogs and cats were abandoned by their owner. They would wandering around the street to look for food to survive from hunger. If they couldn't find any food they would be starving and dead



During winter, animals would freeze to death by living outside in the cold. Most of them were found sleeping in the cold for days or probably dead. It is hard for them to look for food or water due to the cold temperature.

The Humane Society International says, "The dogs had no protection from the freezing temperatures. Many had open sores on their bodies and were severely emaciated because they received little food or water."


A Place To Sleep

Abandoned animals would look for a good spot to stay warm or to stay away from the bad weather. Most of them would live in a box, under some old furniture, abandoned houses, etc. But most of these places are not clean and not good for animals to live in.

Bad Environments Abandoned Animals Are Living In

They need a better home to live. Don't let them be like this anymore. So lets save them together.


Abuse And Cruelty

Before some animals were abandoned off the street, they were in no good condition. They were either tied or caged; lacked of food; chains or padlocks around or embedded into the animals neck; behavior is far from normal; poor body condition; having been used to fight.

Cats and Dogs Abandoned Around The World